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SAC is currently a company that selects, analyzes and studies raw materials to present to its customers in harmony with their philosophy, which can range from an obsessive search for product quality to a more careful management of the price and the related service in determining the purchase choice.

The processing, despite being standardized, allows for flexibility that allows us to satisfy the requests of each individual customer. The modern production system guarantees the continuity of quality and traceability of each product.

In addition to the concentrated juices listed below, we are also producers of clouding paste, flavored syrups, oenology products and flavonoid concentrates extracted from the processing of various fruits.


Orange juice concentrate

The sweet orange was one of the last citrus species to be introduced in Europe around the year 1400. The testimony of important plantations in Italy is given by Leandro Alberti who, during a trip to Southern Italy in 1523, noted the presence of orange groves in Sicily and Calabria.


Bergamot juice concentrate

Botanical origin: Citrus Bergania Risso Paitau The first intensive planting of bergamot trees (bergamotteto) was the work, in 1750, of the owner Nicola Parisi along the Reggio coast, in the area of ​​Rada dei Giunchi, located in front of the area where today, in the heart of the city, the Municipal beach Zerbi. Originally the essence was extracted from the rind by manual pressure and absorbed by natural sponges


Clementine juice concentrate

Brix: 59 - 60 Acidity: 4% - 6% Ratios: 10 - 15 Pulps: 1 - 3 These values ​​refer to a standard clementine juice, it is possible to prepare blends according to your needs, mixing clementine juices with different characteristics.


Lemon juice concentrate

Some plants of the rutaceae family, including the lemon, were introduced in Europe during the expansion of the Arab empire. The Arabs in fact spread it in various areas of the Mediterranean basin and, in particular in Sicily and Sardinia.


Citrus mix concentrate

Made with a variable mix of citrus fruits: blond, pigmented oranges, lemons, bergamots, etc

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